Ondřej Tichý
Musical-dramatic workshop for teenagers

He is involved in complex music pedagogy and interdisciplinary artistic projects for all generations. He has been implementing his educational programs for the last 23 years across schools and institutions of various types. He expands the forms of education to include the dimension of non-verbal communication, self-expression and working with emotions, elementary improvisation and composition, body work, vocal hygiene, and training in group cooperation.

Currently, his author’s projects connect the principles of music, interpersonal communication and mental balance and their realization is taking place on many fronts (cooperation with the Czech Philharmonic – intergenerational project “100minutes Between Tones” and “Music to Yourself”, non-profit organizations – artistic projects of the Potichounku association and family evenings, Bohnice hospital – cooperation with the spiritual care team, where he also works as a regenschori at the St. Wenceslas choir, etc.)

Ondřej graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University and Týn School – specialization in pedagogy – choirmaster of church music. He completed a four-year course in organ playing, accredited continuing education courses (ethics education, school climate, classroom communication, etc.), and music therapy courses. He has put his experience to use during performances or international projects (Kids euro festival Washington D.C. USA 2013 – workshops for elementary school and high school students, workshops for Czech school and Czech Embassy in Copenhagen – Denmark 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018.

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About The Class

A creative arts workshop that offers a journey for instrumentalists, singers and teens without instruments to touch even more elementary composition, improvisation, speech, lyrics and movement.
This class is for youth ages 12 – 17 (those outside this range will not be turned away). Instrumentalists, singers and lay people of all ages are welcome.

Suggested Repertoire

Bring your own lyrics, stories or musical ideas :-)

Level Of Skills Required

Beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate

Maximum number of students


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