Welcome to swift guidelines for the new attendees!

If you are going to visit the courses for the first time or have already forgotten some things since your last visit, check the following lines. You will find all the important information and links here.


You will improve the level of your playing, singing and acting

The summer school offers both individual istrumental and singing classes and chamber and ensemble playing. The singers attend solo classes and choral ensembles. The dancers can choose from three levels of historical dancing. All of this under the leadership of professional musicians, singers and dance masters. Take the advantage of it and come to play, sing, dance or check out your dramatic talent!

You will tap into the rules, ways and styles of early-music interpretation

We offer you the opportunity to study the styles of music interpretation and education in the early-music instruments playing techniques. Widen the span of your musical abilities!

You will meet new people

The International Summer School of Early Music is a ground for intermingling with musicians of all generations. In Valtice you will meet a lot of interesting people, all of them interested in early-music and dance. Firstly, it is our top tutors from the Czech Republic and abroad, and secondly, your future classmates and all course-members in general. Valtice courses are famous for their friendly atmosphere and pleasant ambiance.

You will gain motivation

Are you running short of ideas what pieces to play with your students? Or do not you know where to study early music? Find the inspiration from the tutors and classmates at the summer school, come and share your experience, opinions and tips with us. Who knows in what direction the shared experience will move you.

You will enjoy splendid holidays, surrounded by the beauties of Southern Moravia

The International Summer School of Early Music is not just about studying. Enjoy wine, sun, nature, and the Lednice-Valtice region historic sites, early music sounding all corners. Take the opportunity to learn something new.

wishing to find out more about it?

You can watch the videos of our performances on the Summer School’s YouTube channel, photos are displayed on Facebook.