Assunta Fanuli
Historical dance (19th century)

Specialized in nineteenth century social dances studied at the “Società di Danza”, directed by Fabio Mòllica since 1991. She studied historical dances in several workshops from 1990 to 2010, XIX Century dance, Renaissance, Baroque, Scottish Country Dances with renowned specialists e. g. Fabio Mòllica, Barbara Sparti, Gloria Giordano, Deda Cristina Colonna, John Drewry, Ellis Rogers.
Currently she is one of the teachers of “Società di Danza” and she is the president and art director of “Società di Danza – Circolo Pugliese” and of “Lo Specchio delle Arti” Cultural Center.
She holds weekly classes a workshop in various Italian cities. She is costume designer and organizes cultural events in historical buildings. She was teacher of Renaissance and Baroque Dance in Conservatorio di Musica “Tito Schipa”, Lecce. In 2006 she produced and directed choreography in the opera-ballet “Scanderberg” (music by Francoeur e Rebel, director Jérôme Correas).
In 2013 she produced and directed choreography, costumes and sets of the Pythagorean opera “Armonices Mundi” by Claudio Lanzi, Crotone (Festival Pitagorico 2015).
Assunta was nineteenth century social dances tutor during the 2015 ISSEM edition in Valtice (CZ).
She collaborated in the staging of the exhibition “Adriano Graziotti” in Rome. She is part of the Board of Directors of the Lanzi Foundation and collaborates on the set-up of the Simmetria Institute Library Museum in Attigliano (TR). In 2021 Assunta Fanuli and Claudio Lanzi published the book “Introduzione alla Gimnosofia Euritmica”.

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About The Class

During the week we will work on XIX century quadrille, waltz and mazurka. Students are asked to wear soft shoes and comfortable clothes for dancing. For the eventual final performance it will be nice to have XIX century costumes – Romantic Bourgeois period (1836-1852). There will be the possibility to rent XIX century costumes brought by the tutor by communicating your measurements in advance. Otherwise long skirts with women’s shirts for women and trousers and shirts for men.

Class will take place in the afternoon.

Suggested Repertoire

Students will get materials from the tutor.

Level Of Skills Required

Beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate

What to wear

Soft shoes and comfortable clothes. Ladies long skirts with ladies shirt, gentlemen trousers and shirts.

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

English, Italian