The course-members registration will take place on Saturday 1st July 2023 from 1p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Viticulture School Hostel – Sobotní Street 116, Valtice.

ISSEM card

At registration you will receive a name card which is to be worn visibly in classes. This card serves as a ticket to all concerts and the extra ISSEM activities. It is easy to distinguish between the active course members who take part in classes and “just” a tourist.


All the classes will take place in the following places:

Instrumental and singing classes

Elementary School (ZŠ)

Viticulture School (VŠ)

Music School (ZUŠ)

Organ & Gregorian Chant

Valtice parish church

Historical dance classes

gym-hall in ZŠ

Valtice castle – Riding school

For better orientation you can download a map of Valtice.


It is forbidden to smoke in classes, gym-halls and inside the Viticulture School Hostel. When you leave the class, close the windows and lock the door.

Practicing in classes

You can sign up there for extra practice too. The students of the classes to which the rooms are allocated, are given the priority in booking the classes for practice purposes. The other students can sign up for the spare time; last person to work in the class is responsible for the delivery of the key back to the boarding school doorkeeper.