The summer school classes usually take place in the morning from 9am to 12:30pm. The exact class program depends on the tutor’s decision although it is customary that during the first class the course-members decide, together with the tutors, what the basic schedule for the whole week should look like. In your free time you can either visit the other classes, practise, take part in ensembles or relax.

In the afternoons there are orchestral and ensemble classes, listening seminars and lectures. Every evening, there is a concert in which the professional Czech ensembles and the summer school tutors appear. The last two days are reserved for student concerts, dance and children performances. Immensely popular became the large evening dance sessions, where the students themselves share folklore traditions of their own countries.

The option to enroll in the second class (Choir, Baroque Orchestra, Singing at Church Service ) is open to all participants (except members of the acting class!), and the basic tuition includes participation in both classes.

You can take advantage of a second paid class. If you are interested in the second paid class, please indicate the name of the class directly in the application form.

The price of the second class is the same as the price of the first class (180,-/130,- EUR).

If you choose one of the following classes as your second class, the fee for each participant is 40 EUR:

  • Vocal ensembles (with or without instruments) – Jürgen Banholzer (the tutor accepts only complete ensembles with prepared repertoire – more information in the description of this class on the tutor’s profile)
  • Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble Music – Corina Marti
  • Chamber Music – Gabor Prehoffer

The price of the second class is not automatically added to the final calculation, please wait, the organizers will contact you as soon as possible.

Another option is to choose only one class and fill the remaining free time by participating in ensembles that will be formed on the spot (without a teacher). You can play and sing in Valtice almost anytime, anywhere and with anyone – it’s up to you and it’s free!