ISSEM 2021

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is quoted as saying: “If you play on your own or with intelligent people, you can afford to change the tempo during a composition.“ This surely is a sign of flexibility, a virtue that the international summer school in Valtice has been cultivating for a long time, and even more so in the past year. While “flexibility” and “creativity” undoubtedly play an important role in making music and searching for its original sound, the same qualities are no less needed in the organizational work. Despite all the limitations and regulations that all of us face, we again strive to offer the summer courses to all who want to experience the beauty of live music performed in period-appropriate style and broaden their horizons of knowledge. Professionals, teachers, amateurs and fans are all invited to join, whether it may be through active participation or as observers in classes of outstanding Czech and international tutors.

In response to your repeated pleas and with respect to two unique anniversaries, namely those of Josquin Desprez (ca 1450/55 – 1521) and Philip de Monte (1521 – 1603), we have put special emphasis on music of the late medieval and renaissance era this year. That is why the course offer includes, besides the almost obligatory Gregorian chant class led by David Eben, also a class of medieval and renaissance ensemble music led by Corina Marti, vocal ensembles led by Čeněk Svoboda or chamber music classes focusing on brass instruments (though not only them) led by Richard Šeda. Our dance classes will also significantly contribute to this-year dramaturgy: Lieven Baert is going to rehearse the ballet Tirsi e Clori by Monteverdi in the late renaissance style while Bruna Gordoni – our new teacher from Italy – offers a class of court dances from the 15th century. Selected singers and musicians will collaborate on a joint project, a composition by Philippe de Monte. Other groups including Lorenzo Charoy’s acting class will participate in the final performance “Dispute of Baroque and Renaissance”. The offer of courses will as usual be complemented by various thematic lectures and concerts.

Let us thus cross our fingers for the summer school in Valtice and all of its participants with the hope that all will turn out well because there is certainly a lot to look forward to!

Marek Štryncl
Artistic director