Michael Pospíšil
Dramatic class for youth

In 1981-1986 he studied at the Prague Conservatory with J.Horacek and then privately with Terezie Blumova. He also participated in the masterclasses of Holger Eichhorn, Marius van Altena, Stephen Stubbs and others. Since 1986 he has been active in the field of early music in many ways. As a singer and instrumentalist, he took part in numerous projects, concerts and recordings (more than 50) with the ensembles Musica Antiqua Praha; Capella Regia Musicalis; Collegium Quodlibet (Jiri Stivin); Schola Gregoriana Pragensis; Musica Florea; Choeur Gregorien de Paris; Linnamuusikuud (Tallinn); Fiori Musicali (Krakow); Bornus Consort (Warsaw); Musicalishe Compagney (Berlin); Tolzer Knabenchor; Le Monde Classique (Vienna) and Musica Aeterna (Bratislava). In 1993 he founded his own ensemble Ritornello and since 1996 he has been leading the ensemble Prague Chamber Singers. An important part of his work is intensive research of original sources, reconstruction of old manuscripts and related editorial work (Sonatas of Kromeriz, Valerius Otto’s Dances, Michna’s Czech Lute, songs from Czech Hymnals). (…)



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About The Class

Beware of Bacchus! or:
 Splendour without the need to get drunk! or: Singing in the Summer Carnival Time

Pitch (c.) 440 Hz (depending of the state in which we are). The different pitch people have to transpose. We shall teach them, how to do it.Voice, instruments – whatever you will bring with you
Age and number of the Bacchanale participants unlimited
Movement supervised by Kateřina Klementová
One’s own music to be brought in and studied – possible!
Music will be not sent to the class members ahead – the more we shall work together! Music has its own life…
And the Languages? If fiery, Music will tame them!

Teaching Languages

Czech, German, English, Italian

Active Participants – Optional class