Marek Štryncl

Conductor, violoncellist, choirmaster, and composer Marek Štryncl (born 1974 in Jablonec nad Nisou) held the position of principal cellist in the North Bohemian Philharmonic already while a student at the conservatory in Teplice. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) in 2002 in the field of conducting, and has also studied cello at the Dresdner Akademie für alte Musik as well as participating in many courses in authentic performance practice in Chinon, Mainz, Basel, Valtice, and elsewhere.

As a conductor and choirmaster Štryncl has collaborated with famous chamber and symphonic orchestras, choirs, ensembles, and soloists such as Magdaléna Kožená, Phillipe Jaroussky, The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, Boni Pueri, the Orlando Consort, the Prague Chamber Choir, Les Musiciens du Paradis, and the Prague Philharmonia. His repertoire includes works from the early Baroque to the Romantic period as well as contemporary compositions. (…)



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Marek Štryncl
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About The Class

The main repertoire studied at the choral class is to be the variety of charming numbers taken out of H. Purcell’s King Arthur. The choral numbers especially carry the ideas and emotions of the old English fairy-tale legends, turned into operas by H. Purcell. At the end of the course, the class will take part in the concluding performance, in which also the František Dofek’s dance class, Jiří Sycha’s Baroque orchestra class and the French actor Lorenzo Charoy’s acting and Baroque gesture class will take part; the performance will be directed by Lorenzo Charoy.

Choral music parts: HERE

We invite all solo singers to take part in this project. Music: HERE

Full score of the opera: HERE

Let us know ahead what you would like to sing.

Level Of Skills Required

all levels

Teaching Languages

Czech, English

Active Participants – OPTIONAL CLASS