Miloslav Študent
Lute & theorbo

Miloslav Student studied musicology and aesthetics at Masaryk University in Brno. At the same time, he created and directed the ensemble Flores Musicae (with Magdalena Kožena, Vladimír Richter and Věra Mikulášková). After a period of relying solely on master classes (S. Juřica, L. Contini, A. Bailes, H. Smith), he went to study lute in Italy, where in 1998 he completed a three-year study of 17th century Italian music practice in class of Robert Gini (International Academy of Music in Milan). At the same school, he obtained a lute degree in the class of Paul Beier in 2002. He taught lute at the Academy of Early Music of the Faculty of Arts of the Masaryk University of Brno (2002-2012), which he directed in 2004-2008.

For several years he took a lute class at Valtice’s International Summer School of Early Music. He also played an important role in the musical preparation and production of Claudio Monteverdi’s opera L Orfeo at the Prague National Theater. As a lutenist, he has collaborated with various soloists (M. Kožená, R. Gini, L. Rozsnyó, J. Dvořáková Marešová, R. Šeda, I. Troupová, J. Lewitová, B. Zanichelli, M. Cukrová, M. Knoblochová, M. Pospíšil ad.), with different ensembles & orchestras ( (In Cordis Ensemble, Flores Musicae, Ensemble Concerto Milano, Ritornello Praha, Musica Florea, Capella Ornamentata, Academia Montis Regalis Mondovì, Margaretha Consort Nizozemí, Capella Regia Praha, Musicalische Copagney Berlin, Musica Bellissima Praha, La Gambetta Brno), and with theater companies (Teatro Franco Parenti Milano, Geisslers Hofcomoedianten Praha), with which he performed not only in Europe, but also in South America. He also performs as a soloist and produces recordings for different music, radio, television and film publishers.

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About The Class

Lute & theorba

The class will accommodate players on historical plucked instruments – renaissance lute, archlute, theorbo, baroque lute, calichon or baroque guitar. Classwork will focus on informed performance of period music, technical specifics of each instrument and the lute performance practice put in broader context (ornamentation, rhetoric, etc.). Students interested in deepening their skills of basso continuo play are also welcome.

Suggested Repertoire

Solo or chamber pieces (duets etc.) from the 15 th – 18 th century repertoire for renaissance lute, archlute, theorbo, baroque lute, calichon, mandora or baroque guitar. Vocal or instrumental works in which a lute instrument plays the basso continuo part.
Special attention will be paid to the lute and guitar work of Jan Antonín Losy (1651-1721), whose 300th anniversary of his death this year is commemorated.

Level Of Skills Required

Intermediate, advanced and professionals

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

Czech, English, German, Italian

Active Participants – Lute & theorba

    1. Patrick Singh
    2. Kristina Vonková
    3. Martina Pecnová
    4. Alicja Janusz
    5. Lukáš Sosnovec
    6. Jiří Skoček
    7. Petr Nejedlý
    8. Milan Gabriel