Lieven Baert
Historical Dance
16th/17th century

Director, Institute for Historical Dance Practice in Ghent (Belgium).

Lieven Baert is a professional choreographer, dance teacher, performer and theatre director.

Over his 30-year-long career, he has been dancing, choreographing and directing early dance productions in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the UK and Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the USA. He was guest teacher at the Stockholm University and is teaching since 2003 Historical Dance at the University of Madrid Rey Juan Carlos.

He is choreographer since 1997 of the ”Landshuter Hochzeit 1475“ Germany’s largest historical festival.

Since 2003 he is also permanent stage director for “The Brussels Operetta theatre “

He also works on outreach and youth programs for the Royal Ballet school of Belgium and the Royal Opera of Flanders.

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About The Class

Renaissance dance class
16/17th century Italian style – Balletto TIRSI e CLORI from Claudio Monteverdi  performed for the first time in 1616 in MANTUA Italy. The balletto will ba danced on a new historically informed choreography set by L. Baert.

Level Of Skills Required

For intermediate and advanced dancers in late 16th century Itlaian style

What to wear

Everybody should bring comfortable clothes (T-shirts, trousers, leggings, etc.) and soft dancing shoes. During the class-work, ladies should not wear skirts, but trousers. At the concluding performance, a Baroque costume, or a token costume in the style of the period should be worn. Some ladies could wear male costumes (breeches, broad-sleeved shirts, waistcoats, semi-high thick heel shoes). Also bring with you clothing items which could be lent to the other dancers, please.

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

English, German, French, Italian, Dutch

Active Participants – Historical dance - 16th/17th century

    1. Olga Pavlišová
    2. Zdeněk Linka
    3. Kamila Bleierová
    4. Milena Gabrielová
    5. Veronika Kočí
    6. Zdeněk Pospíšil
    7. Marta Krumphanzlová
    8. Monika Svobodová
    9. Kristýna Petříčková
    10. Jarmila Černá
    11. Marie Čížková
    12. Miroslava Khunová
    13. Eva Skopalová
    14. Irena Suldovská
    15. Dana Mareková
    16. Markéta Hugová
    17. Pavel Černohous
    18. Hana Nezvedová
    19. Gabriela Machalová
    20. Gianmarco Armellin