Čeněk Svoboda
Vocal ensembles

Born in Liberec, studied at Gymnasium F.X.Šaldy, Čeněk Svoboda is conducting there the Cum decore mixed choir since 2000. Also in Liberec he had been conductor of the traditional mixed choir Ještěd. From the spring to the winter he is enjoying the beauties of the Jizera mountains. And also in Liberec he has met vocal teacher Svatava Šubrtová. She took him kindly to her private class. In Prague he was studying the choir conducting in the class of Marek Valášek at the Charles university. Between 2004 – 2016 he had been an artificial leader of the Collegium 419 ensemble. In 2018 he founded the Madrigalion ensemble, which is focused on later renaissance and early baroque ensemble music. He is one of charter member and still tribal member of Collegium vocale 1704. He is cooperating with early music ensemble Musica Florea, Collegium Marianum, Dresdner Kammerchor, Doulce memoire, and others. Presently he is also teaching musical aesthetics and history at Charles university. In 2019 he has finished his doctor studies there

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About The Class

In the ensemble class we will focus on rehearsing and performing music from the late renaissance and early baroque period. We will work on proper vocal technic, the exact articulation and interpretation of content and meaning of the music. We will take a care about proper and adequate musical cast if the conditions in the class allow this. The interpretation will take into account the historical context and universal interpreting methods.

Suggested Repertoire

I would like to offer pieces from Tomás Luis de Victoria or Giovanni Gabrieli, I am ready to perform in a special small cast some madrigals from Phillipe de Monte (500 years birthday anniversary) in case of interest. The participants of the class can work on own repertoire, please respect the main focus of the class (1550-1650). Wi will also prepare the ballet Tirsi e Clori from Claudio Monteverdi for the final concert.

Level Of Skills Required

I would like to work with students that have already some experience with ensemble music and also with some vocal training.

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

Czech, English, German

Active Participants – Vocal ensembles

    1. Zuzana Zaimlová
    2. Markéta Maryášová
    3. Pavla Stratílková
    4. Lenka Harigelová
    5. Zdeněk Krajíček
    6. Jarmila Klokočníková
    7. Jana Jedličková
    8. Ondřej Dobisík
    9. Michaela Prokopcová
    10. Jan Venclík
    11. Claudia Stolte
    12. Samuel Škoviera
    13. Natálie Warhola
    14. Ludmila Zahálková
    15. Vendula Slowikova Segerova
    16. Vladimír Ščigel