Bruna Gondoni
Historical dance
(15th century)

Bruna Gondoni has an essentially artistic education where sculpture, dance and meditation coexist. While studying at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, she also attended the Dance Theatre School and the Imago Lab. in Florence. One of the most important encounters of her life will be that with Andrea Francalanci musician and researcher of Renaissance court dances and with her group “Il Ballarino”. From that meeting in 1982 her life changed radically Bruna dedicated herself to researching, teaching and performing these dances that she will take all over the world, collaborating with the most important personalities of the renaissance music like: Jordi Savall, Gabriel Garrido, Christina Pluhar, Denis Raisin Dadre, Jean Tubery, Alan Curtis, R. Clemencic, A. Parrot, Daniela Dolci, Chiara Banchini, Sigiswald Kuijken, Rolf Lislevand, Jean-Marc Haymez, Maria-Cristina Kier, Jean-Pierre Canihac, Frédérick Haas. Her activity as a researcher coexists with her creative and choreographic work, and capitalize on experience of different disciplines: historical research, renaissance, classical and contemporary dance, Tai-Chi, Yoga and… trekking in Nepal.

About The Class

Noble dance of 15th century

Suggested Repertoire

I will give to the students photocopies of my reconstructions

Level Of Skills Required

all levels

Maximum number of students

30 or more

Teaching Languages

Italian, French, English

Active Participants – Historical dance

    1. Kamila Dürichová
    2. Adéla Jelínková
    3. Tereza Blažková
    4. Lenka Karhanová
    5. Lada Biedermannová
    6. Jan Patík
    7. Alžbeta Kurdelová