Petr Zejfart
Baroque orchestra

Petr Zejfart was born in Prague (Czech Republic) where he completed the entirety of his musical studies, starting early with his mother and ending with a Master’s Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts.
From the beginning his musical journey led him to become a professional musician, first with the piano and then the flute. He participated in numerous solo competitions, chamber and orchestral engagements in which he was always able to find confirmation for his decision for his chosen path. Equally crucial for his development were the countless concert opportunities, planned in schools, which allowed him to undertake several tours in Europe as a soloist or first part in orchestra. Very young, he started teaching flute and recorder in one of the many lively and city music schools. Following this he won the audition for a role at the Prague FISYO symphony orchestra.



About The Class

Pitch: a = 415 exclusively!

The selection of music pieces will depend on the number and type of instruments represented.

Parts of the programme may be rehearsed together with the acting or dance classes.


Suggested Repertoire

sonatas, trio sonatas and concertos (with one or two solo instruments) from the late 17th to the mid 18th century in European Baroque.

Baroque orchestra
baroque overture, concerto grosso, a suite or its parts, character instrumental intermezzos.

Level Of Skills Required

inermedite - advanced

Maximum number of students

Recorders: 7 / Baroque orchestra: unlimited

Teaching Languages

Czech, Italian, German