Irena Troupová
solo singing

The Czech soprano Irena Troupova started her successful international career as an early music specialist. She appeared all over Europe, and co-operated with Th. Hengelbrock, H. Arman, J. Riffkin, Ensemble Orpheon, and others; in the Czech Republic she worked mainly with Barbara M. Willi, M. Štryncl, M. Knoblochová, Ensemble Tourbillon, Musica Florea, and others. Later she extended her repertoire by Romantic and modern Lied, and also opera. She appeared regularly in the concert serieses of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Czech Philharomńic Orchestra (G. Mahler’s Lieder with orchestra, Lied programmes), in this year she will again appear at the Prague Spring Festival. From her last CDs should be especially mentioned the critically acclaimed recording of B. Martinů’s opera „Le jour de bonté“ (Arco Diva). In the last years I. Troupová often performs works by contemporary composers, such as Marek Kopelent (the cantata „Agnus Dei“, and the opera „Musica“), Jan Dušek (the Chalomot jehudi’im songs, together with the Orchestr BERG), M. Štedroň (songs), and others.

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About The Class

The Baroque Singing Class is focused on the solo vocal repertoire from 17th and 18th century, embellishing of arias and interpretation of dramatic recitativo. Cooperation with instrumental classes is welcome.

Suggested Repertoire

Especially German and Italian repertoire

Level Of Skills Required

Intermediate, advanced and professionals

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