Barbora Kabátková
Medieval singing
Gregorian chant

Barbora Kabátková has been playing piano and singing since her childhood. In 1995 she became a member of the Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir. She studied church choir conducting at the Charles University Faculty of Education in Prague, and musicology at the same school’s Faculty of Arts where she is now a Ph.D. student specializing in Gregorian chant. She is intensively involved in the performance of early solo vocal music, and also plays the medieval harps and the psaltery. Barbora is artistic director of the female vocal group Tiburtina Ensemble. She performs with such ensembles of early music as Collegium Vocale Gent, Collegium 1704, Il Gardellino, Collegium Marianum, Concerto Palatino, Musica Florea, Cappella Mariana, Concerto Melante, Accentus Austria. etc. As a contemporary music singer she worked with NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester, the Berg Orchestra, and Ostravská Banda in last years. Barbora has performed at leading Czech and European festivals, as well as in Canada and USA.

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About The Class

Individual class (solo singing of medieval music): Any repertoire according to the student’s choice. Singers with their own instrumental accompaniment / ensemble are also welcome.
Choral class: The 12 th century is a century of movement. I dare say that in many aspects it represents the most distinctive era of the Middle Ages, being full of historical twists and turns as well as religious and institutional revolt. In the choral workshop I would like to focus on sacred music repertoire of the time, both plainchant and polyphonic.

Gregorian chant from 9:00 to 10:50
Medieval Solo and ensemble singing from 11:00 to 12:30

Suggested Repertoire

Individual class: Repertoire of the student’s own choice, but I will gladly provide
Choral class: compositions by Hildegard of Bingen, Pierre Abélard, Herrad of Landsberg

Level Of Skills Required

Intermediate, advanced and professionals

Maximum number of students

Medieval singing - 4 / Gregorian chant - 20

Teaching Languages

Czech, English, French

Active Participants – Medieval singing

    1.  Anežka Mišoňová
    2. Julie-Anna Levínská
    3. Jan Venclík
    4. Zuzana Badárová
    5. Pavla Sovová
    6. Claudia Stolte
    7. Eva Hejdová
    8. Michaela Štanglová

Active Participants – Gregorian chant

    1. Petra Hedvičáková
    2. Irena Kubicová
    3. Anna Šteflová-Cibulková
    4. Adéla Jelínková
    5. Helena Hornychová
    6. Lenka Hlávková
    7. Igor Linhart
    8. Jiří Petr (P)
    9. Anna Svobodová
    10. Stanislav Štangl