Richard Šeda
Chamber music / Brass instruments

Richard Šeda graduated from conservatory in Ceske Budejovice (South Boe Kroměříž Music Cohemia) in 1996 as a trumpet player. During his studies, he became interested in historic interpretation of music on recorder and in 2000 he started playing the cornett and gained his first experience with ensemble Ritornello.  In 2005 he extended his private studies at several interpretative courses in Prague and in France in the masterclasses of a French cornett player Judith Pacquier. He currently plays with these ensembles: Les Traversees baroques (Judith Pacquier), Concerto Copenhagen (Lars Ulrik Mortensen), Ensemble Artaserse (Philippe Jaroussky), Clemencic Consort (René Clemencic).  In the Czech Republic he mostly performs with Cappella Mariana (Vojtěch Semerád), Collegium Marianum (Jana Semerádová), Collegium 1704 (Václav Luks), Ensemble Inégal (Adam Viktora), Musica Florea (Marek Štryncl) etc. He founded his own ensemble Capella Ornamentata in 2007. The main mission of his ensemble is to achieve authentic interpretation mostly of sacral music of the 16th and 17th century and the presentation of less-known music and musical instruments as the cornett, the sackbut and the dulcian in the Czech Republic. Capella Ornamentata has appeared at some very prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


Further information about Richard Šeda can be found at:

Capella Ornamentata

About The Class

The class is intended for cornett players, beginners and advanced. We shall dedicate ourselves especially to the tone production, performing the relevant repertoire, as well as the diminution and improvisation practice.

Ensemble music (16th–17th century)
Chamber repertoire from 16th and 17th century for cornetto and other instruments – diminutions, canzons, sonatas. In case of interest we plan also church music by Philippe de Monte together with violas da gamba and singers!
The class is also open for players of brass instruments; we will form joint or separate ensembles according to the actual composition of the class.

Suggested Repertoire

16th & 17th century solo and chamber music for cornetto (diminution, canzonas, sonatas, improvisation etc.), resp. ensemble music for brasses 16th–18th century.

Level Of Skills Required

intermedate, advanced & professionals

Maximum number of students

Cornetto - 6 / Ensemble music - 10

Teaching Languages

Czech, English, German

Active Participants – Cornetto

    1. Matyáš Houf
    2. Michala Roubalová
    3. Barbora Mišoňová
    4. Vlastimil Kovář
    5. Vít Mišoň

Active Participants – Ensemble music (16th–17th century)

    1. Ondřej Klimeš
    2. Laura Maňourová
    3. Michala Roubalová
    4. Anežka Mišoňová
    5. Petr Mišoň