Kateřina Klementová
Historical dance - baroque

Dancer, choreographer and dance lecturer. Since her childhood, she has been occupied with contemporary dance, since 2000 has been focusing on the historical area. Studied by Barbara Sparti, Lieven Baert, Béatrice Massin and others, nowadays she’s the leader of Chorea Historica, early dance ensemble. In 2007, she has founded a Czech branch of La Società di Danza, italian school of 19th century dance. On a long-term basis, she cooperates with the Czech Jane Austen Society. She´s working as researcher and project manager in NIPOS, a cultural organization. She´s organizing and leading early dance workshops for children, youth and adults in Czechia and abroad. She is the lecturer of the educational programmes of the Czech Philharmonic, teaches Historical dance at the Dance Conservatory of Prague.

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About The Class

Do you wish to start with baroque dance? Are you a musician, singer, which is interested in the secrets of the baroque dance movement? Are you dancers, who like to come back every year to Valtice and „refresh“ your dance skills? Do you want to get familiar with early dance for the first time? This year the baroque dance class is for beginners and pre-intermediate dancers. We will focus on the basic elements of the baroque dance movements („la belle dance“), dance steps, and body movements („port de bras“). Aside from entertaining social dances („contredanses“) recorded by R.- A. Feuillet in 1706, we will give a „rebirth“ to the original choreography of „Danse des Sauvages“ from Les Indes galantes by Jeana-Philippa Rameau. This choreography was born 10 years ago in Valtice (and has never been danced afterward), so we want to celebrate the common piece of work and dance it at the end of the live music of the baroque orchestra.

Level Of Skills Required

Beginners and pre-intermediate

What to wear

Everybody should bring soft dancing shoes and comfortable clothes (T-shirts, trousers, jogging trousers, leggings, the ladies also long full skirts). At the concluding performance, bring a costume, or a token costume in the period style (gentlemen: short trousers, stockings, broad-sleeved shirts, waistcoats, tunic; ladies: broad-sleeved shirts, long full skirts with train). Also bring with you clothing and other items, which could be lent to the other dancers, please.

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

Czech, English, Italian

Active Participants – Historical dance - baroque

    1. Zdenka Binková
    2. Marie Štefanová
    3. Vojtěch Pithart
    4. Matěj Bartoň
    5. Radek Dintar
    6. Šárka Dintarová
    7. Jiřina Šmejkalová
    8. Paulína Nitková
    9. Katka Báňová
    10. Veronika Vojířová
    11. Tomáš Krabač
    12. Marie Harigelová
    13. Riccardo Lazzarini
    14. Petra Kanclířová
    15. Ludmila Veselá