Before the application forms are launched

Dear friends,
ISSEM 2020 is in many ways influenced by the global epidemiological situation and related regulations. We are trying to minimize its impact on our organisation, but we had to make some changes. For example, we cancelled the Valtice Baroque Night and most of the concerts, we had to cancel five foreign tutors, but substituted them with Czech tutors. Therefore, read the class offer carefully, as well as all other information. We will launch the application forms at the beginning of next week.
In case the situation still makes us to further adjustments, we will inform you immediately. If we do not have enough funds in mid-June, further reduction or total cancellation of the project will be necessary. That is why we ask you not to hesitate with the applications and to pay everything by June 14 at the latest. However, we do believe that it will not be necessary and that in Valtice we will once again experience a unique week full of joy and beautiful music.
Thank you and look forward to seeing you soon!