30th anniversary of ISSEM

Dear members and friends of the Early Music Society,


the thirty years that have passed since the International Summer School of Early Music (ISSEM) came into being undoubtedly represent a good reason to look back and celebrate. Although the history of these music interpretation courses is even longer, the thirty yearsspent in Valtice have generated a plenty of unforgettable memories for several thousand participants and formed the summer school into its today’s shape. The genius loci of the town helps create the unique atmosphere of encounters and shared experiences both social and artistic. These go far beyond just developing interpretation skills, reaching deep into the hearts of all who let music and dance speak to their hearts. The ISSEM has gone through several stages that always reflected what was happening both on the early music scene and in the Czech society in general. The previous years including the changes that have been made in the structure and offer of courseshave proven that the ISSEM held in Valtice is still a meaningful and sought-for event. We therefore hope that you are going to celebrate with us, continue to attend and enjoy the courses, and even contribute to their further improvement.


This webside has been launched as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. You can find here a number of personal portraits, memories and photographs of personalities and events connected both with the ISSEM and the Early Music Society in general. They are by no means intended as a closed set of documents – on the contrary, we will appreciate if you share with us further documents and pictures that will help us preserve the memories of friends, collagues and events that are part of our shared history.


Marc Niubo