Marek Štryncl
Baroque orchestra

Conductor, violoncellist, choirmaster, and composer Marek Štryncl (born 1974 in Jablonec nad Nisou) held the position of principal cellist in the North Bohemian Philharmonic already while a student at the conservatory in Teplice. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) in 2002 in the field of conducting, and has also studied cello at the Dresdner Akademie für alte Musik as well as participating in many courses in authentic performance practice in Chinon, Mainz, Basel, Valtice, and elsewhere.

As a conductor and choirmaster Štryncl has collaborated with famous chamber and symphonic orchestras, choirs, ensembles, and soloists such as Magdaléna Kožená, Phillipe Jaroussky, The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, Boni Pueri, the Orlando Consort, the Prague Chamber Choir, Les Musiciens du Paradis, and the Prague Philharmonia. His repertoire includes works from the early Baroque to the Romantic period as well as contemporary compositions. (…)



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Marek Štryncl
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About The Class

The name of the class “Baroque Orchestra” is in fact not precise. This is because the players will not only become acquainted with historically informed interpretation of baroque music (P. D. Vejvanovský, J. D. Zelenka), but also work on compositions that fall into the late Classicist period and possess a breathtaking style overlap (the orchestral prelude in a quintuple meter from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries by Antonín Rejcha). The orchestra will be tuned to 415 Hz (half a tone lower than modern tuning). Yet it is no problem to include modern string instruments, as those can be slightly under-tuned, or modern wind instruments that will play half a tone lower (French horns, trumpets, bassoons, etc.) Baroque oboes, bassoons and flutes are especially welcome.

Suggested Repertoire

Harmonia Romana and Serenade by P.J.Vejvanovský, selection from Suite F Major by J.D.Zelenka, Ouverture in 5/8 by A.Rejcha…

Level Of Skills Required

2. intermediate

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Baroque orchestra

    1. Jaroslava Kaplanová
    2. Matěj Pokorný
    3. Anna Dadová



    1. Anna Šteflová
    2. Julie Kučerová
    3. Karolína Mydlářová
    4. Štěpán Pokorný
    5. Barbora Formánková
    6. Šárka Kučerová
    7. Robert Pilous
    8. Martin Šantora
    9. Jiří Bílek
    10. Bohdana Hinerová
    11. Pavla Sungová
    12. Viktor Tomek
    13. Rob Tempelaars
    14. Almut Pöhl
    15. Mariangela Bullitta
    16. Karolína Petrůjová
    17. Jan Podroužek
    18. Milan Plocek
    19. Kristýna Mixová
    20. Adéla Drechsel
    21. Alexander Botoš
    22. Joshua Jones
    23. Ondřej Klimeš
    24. Matěj Klimeš
    25. Jiří Skoček
    26. Samuel Škoviera
    27. Jiří Havrlant
    28. Monika Vyšanská
    29. Michaela Vormaier
    30. Jana Legat
    31. Tomáš Johancsík
    32. Vojtěch Mrověc
    33. Barbora Housová
    34. Berta Tycarová
    35. Michaela Hrabankova