Marek Špelina
Recorder Ensembles

Studied flute at the Pilsen Conservatoire, where he now teaches chamber music performance. He studied the recorder with J. Stivín and also in courses, where the tutors were N. Hadden, K. Hünteler, P. Thorby and P. Holstag. For eight years he was a member of the ensemble Musica Bohemica, later of the recorder quartet Michael Consort and the ensemble Musica Florea. He also co-operates with ensembles Collegium Quodlibet, Musica Aeterna, Ad Vocem. He participated in more than thirty CD-recordings with music from the Middle Ages up to contemporary, rock including. He is a member of the orchestra (first flute) of the J. K. Tyl Opera House in Pilsen and also co-founder of the recorder trio Tre Fontane.

Further information about Marek Špelina can be found at:

Tre Fontane

About The Class

The class is intended for students of music schools, music teachers at Basic Schools of Arts, intermediate or advanced amateurs as well as professionals who want to join in playing Renaissance and Baroque ensemble music together. Expected level of skill is second level at a Basic School of Arts, i.e. six or seven years’ experience of playing the recorder.

Suggested Repertoire

The class is focused on ensemble repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque period with possible overlaps with earlier or later periods.

Repertoire will be specified during the first lesson with respect to the instruments and skill levels of the participants.

Level Of Skills Required

2. intermediate

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Recorder Ensembles

    1. Julie Součková
    2. Jitka Petříková
    3. Veronika Šedová
    4. Jana Vašinková
    5. Lucie Sochová
    6. Berta Tycarová
    7. Petra Součková
    8. Miloslav Mulač
    9. Kateřina Endelová
    10. Anna Endelová

    1. Leona Pazderová (P)
    2. Halka Vašinková (P)