Lorenzo Charoy
Baroque gesture & Acting

Bilingual (French and Italian) actor and stage director. He studied acting from 1989 at the Grenier Théâtral Maurice Sarrazin and the École Claude Mathieu in Paris, with, among others, Daniel Postal, Claude Mathieu and Thérèze Barbey. Recently, he appeared in „Pyrame et Thisbé“ and „Le bourgeois gentilhomme“, directed by Benjamin Lazar, „Bar franco-italien“, directed par Jean-Claude Penchenat, „Les femmes savantes“ performed by the Fabrique à théâtre and „Dette d’amour“ by Eugène Durif, directed by Beppe Navello. After co-working as an assistent stage director on several productions, including children spectacles, he directed and arranged Ibsen’s „Peer Gynt” by Ibsen, in 2002, and „Pas sages” based on a choice of contemporary texts, in 2004. Following his Baroque gesture and declamation studies with Jean-Denis Monory et Benjamin Lazar, he appeared in several of their productions, such as Moliére’s „Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” (Le Poéme Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre, directed by Benjamin Lazar), and, in 2007, he directed the production of Antonio Caldara’s serenata “La contesa dei numi”, performed by Collegium Marianum at the Baroque theatre in Český Krumlov, South Bohemia. In 2011, he took part in staging of the opera “Egisto”, directed by Jérôme Correas; presently, he is preparing „Les Fâcheux“ by Molière with the Fabrique à Théâtre and „Les frères Karamazov“ for the Théatre de l’Arc-en-ciel

About The Class

As in the preceding years, the acting class will participate in the final performance, which will evolve around the theme of “Virtues & Vices” or also “Light & Dark”.

The impressive baroque gestic will accompany beautiful theatrical texts and dialogues written by authors all around Europe.

Organisation of work in this course doesn’t allow inscription of baroque acting as an optional/ second class. The tutor accepts only the participants who chose this class as a main one.

The class is intended for students aged 16-69 years.

Level Of Skills Required

all levels

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Baroque gesture & Acting

    1. Tereza Pavlíčková
    2. Ruth Habart
    3. Jan Patík
    4. Markéta Krumphanzlová
    5. Jakub Svoboda
    6. Riccardo Lazzarini
    7. Jakub Kopecký
    8. Martin Vaicenbacher
    9. Lukáš Klement
    10. Pavla Sovová