Jürgen Banholzer
Solo Singing /
Vocal Chamber Music (with or without instruments)

Jürgen Banholzer studied the organ in Boston (USA) with James David Christie, at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart with Ludger Lohmann (on a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) and with Jean Boyer at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon. He went on to study singing at the Schola Cantorum in Basle and was later awarded a PhD in musicology at the University of Mainz.

As an organist he gives recitals in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. His main interest lies in organ music and organs of the 17th and 18th centuries. As a continuo player on harpsichord and organ he is a guest in groups like the Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble, Freiburger Barockorchester, Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble, L’Arpa festante, La Dolcezza or Stefan Temmingh & Ensemble. (…)


Further information about Jürgen Banholzer can be found at:

La Gioia Armonica

About The Class

Solo Singing 

morning class

Vocal Chamber Music (with or without instruments)

afternoon class

This course invites groups of singers or of singers and instrumentalists, who want to work on a certain repertoire during the whole week: either on one larger work (like, for example, the Buxtehude Magnificat last year) or on a number of shorter works for the same distribution of singers and instruments (any combination is possible; for example: arias for soprano with two violins and continuo, or: Madrigals for CCATB). The participating musicians of a group should be constant from the first day on. Ideally a group will be rehearsing every afternoon for one hour to ensure good progress of ensemble singing/playing.

Ensembles who want to participate, should send their distribution (who will be singing and playing what part?) and the works they would like to perform to klotylda@early-music.cz until the end of May at the latest, so that the groups can be chosen. Please also specify the kind of musical experience of the singers and players involved.

According to the suggestions and depending on the number of applicants we will decide who will be able to participate and who will be allotted how much time. I am aiming at then choosing three or four ensembles that will perform together every day.

Suggested Repertoire

Solo Singing 

Italian or German repertoire from 17th and 18th century; English music – Dowland or other lutesong composers, Purcell, Händel

Please send me a list of pieces you would like to sing by the middle of June mailing it to the following address: juergen.banholzer@la-gioia-armonica.de

Vocal Chamber Music (with or without instruments)

Bring any Italian or German Repertoire for voice(s) and instrument(s): Arias, Duetti, Ensembles etc. Singers are also invited to choose madrigals or motets which they would like to perform a capella.

Level Of Skills Required

3. Advanced and professionals

Maximum number of students

Solo Singing: 8 / Vocal Chamber Music: 15

Active Participants – Solo Singing

    1. Zbyněk Šír
    2. Karolína Grebeníčková
    3. Anna Petrtylová
    4. Monika Machovičová
    5. Anežka Mišoňová
    6. Lucie Kořínková
    7. Veronika Kladivová
    8. Garth Johnson

Active Participants – Vocal Chamber Music

    1. Martina Záhorová
    2. Lukáš Hrubeš
    3. Lukáš Grygerek
    4. Blanka Křížová
    5. Klára Grygerková
    6. Kristina Archer
    7. Marek Zeman
    8. Vendula Chmelíková
    9. Gabi Rupp
    10. Michaela Vormaier
    11. Jörg Eschner
    12. Jaroslav Kocůrek
    13. Franziska Sweerts-Sporck