Marie Černíková
Drama class

Marie Černíková, MA, Ph.D. (aka BioMasha) is a visual artist and performer. She has graduated from the Department of Alternative and Puppet theatre at KALD DAMU, Prague, in the field of stage design. She makes puppets and designs costumes. She teaches personal and social development at the Department of Education of the University of West Bohemia, writes song lyrics and has had a successful career as a slam poet. She works as a presenter, performer and hosts the Radio dada programme in the Czech Radio Vltava once a month. She has founded a band called DebbiLove.

Further information about Marie Černíková can be found at:


ČRo Vltava – Radio Dada

About The Class

Theatre is a training of attention and collaboration. Both are improved in the process of trying and experimenting; presentation in front of the audience is a joyful by-product and proof thereof.

For kids and youth from 9 to 16.

Suggested Repertoire

The ground material will consist in working with a type, character and mask. We will also examine elements of baroque theatre and commedia dell’arte. Through improvisation and exercises we will arrive at a story and, subsequently, to a coherent dramatic shape.

Level Of Skills Required

Everyone who likes to observe and discover.

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Drama class

    1. Ema Látová
    2. Michaela Řehořková
    3. Petr Mišoň
    4. Jakub Sukop
    5. Matyáš Mrázek
    6. Johan Bébar
    7. Matouš Haspra
    8. Josef Lát (P)
    9. Alena Sukopová (P)
    10. Václava Smetáčková (P)