Jiří Tarantík
French horn & Brass ensembles

In 1998, Jan Tarantík graduated from the Conservatory in Pilsen after having studied French horn with Jiří Žurek. In the same year he became member of the Pilsen opera orchestra where he has been playing ever since, acting as the head of the French horn section. He has collaborated on long-term basis with the Pilsen Philharmonic, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Musica Florea, Czech Ensemble Baroque, Orkiestra Historyczna (Poland) and Bremer Barockorchester (Germany). Recently he has also played with Ensemble Inegal, Musica Figuralis, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra (Finland), Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra (Poland), Göttinger Symphonie Orchester (Germany). Besides the French horn, he plays the romantic French horn, the naturhorn, the soprano-, alto-, tenor- and baritone saxophones, the cornet, the flugelhorn and the bass clarinet. Jan Tarantík also composes and arranges music and works as a music director.

About The Class

The heritage of the natural horn as inspiration for modern interpretation

Suggested Repertoire

Repertoire according to the wishes of the students.

Level Of Skills Required

all levels

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – French horn & Brass ensembles

    1. František Souček
    2. Barbora Mišoňová
    3. Ondřej Klimeš
    4. Petr Stránský

    1. Petr Mádle (P)