Eva Káčerková
Creative movement, Singing & Games

Graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague (Music & Czech Language and Literature). She continued her studies at a private school of music therapy and broadened her skills at various seminars. In Příbram, where she works as a music teacher and choirmaster, she has founded school-classes with extended musical education. She regularly performs with her children‘s choirs and participates in various festivals. She sings and plays with the ensemble Chairé. At Valtice, besides her children‘s class, she leads the morning singing exercises.

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About The Class

We shall sing, dance, act and enjoy fairy-tales. At the final production, we shall perform what we have liked the most.

For daily work, girls please wear a sleeveless T-shirt and a skirt, boys should wear a T-shirt and light long trousers. As for footwear, plimsolls (gym shoes with soft soles) are ideal; hard-soled trainers are not suitable. I am looking forward to meeting all children!

Class intended for children from the age of five years. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult person during the whole course.

Level Of Skills Required

1. Beginners and pre-intermediate

What to wear

What to wear: light clothes, soft, slip-on trainers.

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Creative movement, Singing & Games

    1. Anna Kosatíková
    2. Josefína Horká
    3. Jindřich Pilous
    4. Vojtěch Braný
    5. Emílie Řehořková
    6. Josefa Rudovská
    7. Marie Rudovská
    8. Vojtěch Zelený
    9. Viliam Barta
    10. Matylda Bartová
    11. Alžběta Mareková
    12. František Dudek
    13. Lenka Rubecká
    14. Kryštof Klement
    15. Zdislava Čížková
    16. Julie Celhofferová
    17. Zuzana Káčerková