Nicolle Klinkeberg
Historical dance (16th c. Renaissance)

Nicolle Klinkeberg studied musicology at the University of Utrecht. During her studies she discovered her passion for dance. Along with an intense study of various styles, including modern dance, she earned a diploma in Utrecht in international folk dance. Historical dance became the second, and main, focal point of her work. Her teachers include, among others, Lieven Baert, Markus Lehner and Sigrid T’Hooft. She has attended seminars with Béatrice Massin, Ana Yepes, Kaj Sylegård, and others. In 1999 she began teaching historical dance, especially Renaissance and Baroque dance. At present she teaches two historical dance groups in Münich, and regularly gives workshops. In 2014-15 she taught historical dance at the Trossingen University of Music.

As a dancer she has performed in productions of, among others, Lieven Baert and Milo Pablo Momm. Since 2007 she has been a member of Corpo Barocco led by Sigrid T’Hooft, and under her direction has performed in Händel’s operas ‘Radamisto’ (Karlsruhe 2009-2010) and ‘Amadigi’ (Göttingen 2012).

She has also appeared on stage with her own dance productions. In ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’ (2004) and ‘Still Life in Motion’ (2007) she brought her particular interest to the fore: the creative interweaving of various dancing styles. She has continued her journey with ‘(In) Pieces’ (2011) and ‘Footnotes’ (2012).

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Nicole Klinkeberg

Suggested Repertoire

Italian dances around 1600, mainly from the repertoire of Fabritio Caroso (1581/1600) and Cesare Negri (1602).

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Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

English, German, Dutch

Active Participants – Optional class