Jiří Hodina

Jiří Hodina is a leading Czech expert in Gregorian chant, an active musician with broad music interests, covering early music as well as folkloric music arrangements. He graduated  from the Conservatoire de Paris in conducting of the Gregorian Chant, and is a founding member of the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, the member of which he was for fifteen years. In 1997 he founded the female vocal ensemble Schola Benedicta. He is a member of Choeur Grégorien de Paris (choir and also the well-known school of choral singing, linked in its 1970s beginnings with Olivier Messiaen).

He is a founding meber of Českomoravská hudební společnost (today‘s Čechomor); he also founded his own group, Marcipán, specialising in interpretation of Czech and Moravian folkloric songs. Jiří Hodina already taught Gregorian chant in the past in Valtice, as well as at the sacred music Convivium summer-school.

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Noc kostelů 2015
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About The Class

Could the Psalm singing be a pleasure as well as a service? The starting point of this year’s summer meeting is the usage and  linking of the Gregorian Chant with the Roman Catholic service, as well as concert programmes. To understand  the Gregorian Chant correctly requires understanding the meaning and the place of various chants, in relation to their origins and history of their usage.  The Gregorian Chant singing is indeed in the service of the word. The main subject of this course therefore are „word and chant“. The course is based on basic singing technique, it aims for natural diction.

Level Of Skills Required

Basic talent to make music and "unbeatable" longing to sing.

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

Czech, English, French

Active Participants – Optional class