Jakub Kydlíček
Medieval ensemble music

Jakub Kydlíček started his music studies at Pilsen Conservatory (recorder with J. Brana and conducting with J. Strunc), than he continued in studies with Corina Marti at Schola cantorum basiliensis in Switzerland. He participated in master classes with prestigious teachers e. g. C. van Heerden, A. Solomon, B. Honig, P. Holtslag, H. ter Scheget, C. Marti… He also devotes himself to the Oriental studies (Pilsen, Tunis, Damascus) and currently he works on his Ph.D. thesis. Soon after his graduation he came in the post of recorder teacher at Prague conservatory and later became faculty member at conservatory in Pilsen and at West Bohemian university. His main interests in recorder playing consists in Italian repertoir of 15-17th century. As recorder player participated in projects with many ensembles and orchestras (Collegium 1704, Tre Fontane, Collegium Marianum,…) and performed through Europe. Since 2012 he was appointed artistic director of Prague conservatoy baroque orchestra.


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Jakub Kydlíček
Concerto Aventino

About The Class

Medieval ensemble music

Permanent groups are welcome, as well as single singers, recorder, Medieval fiddle, viola da gamba, lute, psalter, and other instrument players. Sight-reading is required.
Ensemble class pitch: 440 Hz.


The class aims at the conservatoire students (future and graduated as well), and other advanced musicians (teachers, academy students…). Also welcome are people interested in future music studies.

Suggested Repertoire

Medieval ensemble music

Improvisation or written music? – or: „what should be played or not“. In this year, we shall focus improvisation, esthetic and technical aspects of late Medieval and early Renaissance performance repertoire – Robertsbridge codex, Manuscript du Roy, Laudario di Cortona.


The class members could prepare any recorder repertoire, from the Middle Ages up to mid-18th century. Bring complete sets of music – all parts, including accompaniment.

Level Of Skills Required


Maximum number of students

7 - recorders / 10 - ensemble music

Teaching Languages

Czech, English, French, Arabic

Active Participants – Medieval ensemble music

Active Participants – Recorders