Prometheus – 2nd July

In the evening of the Valtice ISSEM opening day (Saturday, 2.7.) you can attend for free the music and ballet performance of L. v. Beethoven’s Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus (or the Power of Music and Dance) in the Valtice Castle Theatre (see programme HERE). First performance, at 7p.m. is intended for the general public, second performance, at 9p.m., for the course members. Before the second performance, at 8:30p.m., the festive opening of the ISSEM will take part. The theatre‘s capacity is around 230 places. We would like some of the course members to book the first performance (, there will be around 30 places reserved for them. After the performance, they should vait in the foyer of the theatre, to take part in the ISSEM festive opening. In this way, we would avoid too many people coming to the second performance – the number of the ISSEM members could reach 300 people.
Many thanks – book, please!