Music Rendez-vous 2017 & ticket booking

Dear ISSEM members,

we would like to inform you on the Musical Rendez-vous Valtice 2017 programme and some important organisational news. During the last years, the original series of mainly tutors‘ concerts turned into a regular festival programme of more than just regional importance, which offers the public top early music performances.
We would like to keep the concerts on a high quality level, and therefore, we had to introduce rather symbolical, low fees to be paid for certain programmes by the ISSEM members.
The fees apply for the guest concerts, the tutors‘ concert remain free.

In this year, the following programmes are to be paid for:

  • 8. 7. / Danza Gloria – €3
  • 9. 7. / A. V. Michna z Otradovic: Loutna česká / Bohemian Lute – €3
  • 11. 7. / “EROICA” – the (un)forgettable fortepiano sound – €3
  • 13. 7. / Valtice Baroque night – €6

We tried to find the easiest way of introducing the changes, and decided, that the tickets could be ordered in advance, using the booking form (see below). The tickets will be ready for you at the time of your registration in Valtice, together with your membership card and other materials.

You could also decide on the time of your arrival, and book your tickets in the Valtice Castle booking office, where you will be sold your lower price tickets on the condition you would present your membership card.
Thank you for your understanding. We believe that you will take this change as yet another step towards higher level of the ISSEM quality.