Marcin Bornus Szczycińsky
Greogorian Chant & Early Polyphony

Graduated at Warsaw University as an economist, studied singing privately with K. Zachwatowicz. Meeting R. Jacobs and W. Christie were crucial points on his way towards early music. He made his debut in 1977 during “Musical Weeks in Ascona” performing along with medieval music ensemble Fistulatores et Tubicinatores Varsovienses led by K. Piwkowski. During the next years he appeared in various productions of Handel’s Theodora, Messiah, Jephte and Sosarme. He further cooperated with Les Arts Florissants, Capella Regia (R. Hugo), Hortus Musicus (A. Mustonien), Linnamuusikud (T. Niitvaegi, Tallinn), Academy of Early Music (T. Griendienko, Moscow), Musicalische Compagney (H. Eichorn, Berlin), La Petite Bande (S. Kuijken), Schola Jacobaena and Schola of the Theatre of Wegajty. (…)



Teaching Languages

Polish, French, English

Active Participants – Greogorian Chant & Early Polyphony

    1. Eva Štefková
    2. Milan Suchánek
    3. Radana Sedláčková
    4. Irena Kubicová
    5. Radosław Krzewski
    6. Olga Mojžíšová
    7. Hana Ctiborová
    8. Ján Kula
    9. Sławomir Kozłowski
    10. Lucie Novotná (P)
    11. Josef Dubec (P)
    12. Žaneta Bartová (P)