Lukáš Janko
Children´s orchestra

Lukáš Janko teaches violin at Music school in Náchod and gives lessons at other Music schools as well. He´s often invited as a member of jury at students´ contests.

As a pedagogue, Lukáš has reached many achievements in both regional and statewide contests.

Lukáš leads a students´string orchestra and a choir Polyfonní sdružení focused on liturgical music.

Along with Jiří Sycha, he shows his pupils the interesting world of early music.

About The Class

Mixed instruments with the prevalence of strings. Both beginners and more advanced players can employ their skills and enjoy playing in the children’s orchestra, as the teacher of the class will adapt the arrangements according to the actual skill level of the players. Although the main emphasis is put on early music, several modern pieces are included every year.

Participation in the class is conditioned by the level of music skills equivalent to the successfully finished second year of Music School.

Children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult person during the whole course.

Suggested Repertoire

Technically accessible short pieces. The teacher does not provide sheet music in advance.

Level Of Skills Required

1. Beginners and pre-intermediate

Maximum number of students


Active Participants – Children´s orchestra

    1. Klára Pilousová
    2. Michaela Krutílková
    3. Leah Melzer Krymolowski
    4. Jakub Krutílek
    5. Martin Krutílek
    6. Aneta Plavcová
    7. Mariana Křížová
    8. Adéla Křížková
    9. Jonáš Křížek
    10. Tereza Mišoňová
    11. Deborah Drechsel
    12. Donatus Drechsel
    13. Pavel Stejskal
    14. Lucie Rubecká
    15. Kristián Krejčí
    16. Lucie Troupová
    17. Marie Beranová
    18. Šimon Haspra

    1. Kateřina Krutílková (P)
    2. Erika Rubecká (P)
    3. Blažena Zakopalová (P)
    4. Jana Stejskalová (P)
    5. Jana Plavcová (P)
    6. Marcela Beranová (P)