Dorothée Wortelboer (The Netherlands)

Historical Dance

After a training in classical ballet she specialized in Renaissance and Baroque dance. For numerous productions of historical music theatre, both in the Netherlands and abroad, she was and is in charge of the dance research, reconstruction and choreography as well as taking part in them as a dancer. She established the ensemble Folia in 1988; Folia productions range from solo performances accompanied by one or two musicians, to full-fledged theatre dance productions including eight dancers and a full instrumental ensemble. She toured Holland and Germany with her extraordinary production L’Inconnue, which combines French Baroque dance with traditional Northern-African dance. Since 1994 she has also been the artistic leader of the amateur dance group Fiori di Folia. Over the last 10 years Dorothée has produced three CDs with music for Renaissance and Baroque dances, two of which come together with a practical dance book written by her. The CDs and books (available in three languages) enjoy worldwide acclaim and distribution. She is a welcome tutor at workshops, courses and summer schools, in the Netherlands as well as in many other European countries and in Australia. In 2006 she established her own summer school in Richelieu, France.

About the class

In this class students get a chance to travel from the late 16th/early 17th century towards the late 17th century. Dorothée will offer some wonderful social and theatrical dances from the Italian repertoire by Caroso and Negri and their contemporaries. As a special her students will also work with her on some of the dances from Le Marriage de la Grosse Cathos, which have been written down in the notation system developed by Jean Favier, who was also the choreographer for this exciting spectacle to music by Philidor l’Aîné. For both dance styles classes will be dedicated to technique as well as presentation.

Suggested clothing: good shoes, dance training clothes, i.e. nothing either too baggy or too close fitting.

The maximum number of students: 20

Teaching language: Dutch, English, German, French

aktivní účastníci / active participants

  1. Alexandra Procházková
  2. Radka Hospůdková
  3. Alena Sobolíková
  4. Jana Anna Sobolíková
  5. Ivana Kovářová
  6. Barbora Papcunová
  7. Riccardo Lazzarini
  8. Patricia Iveton
  9. Mira Letzbor
  10. Petr Honců
  11. Milena Gabrielová (pasivní)
  12. Elisabeth Krejčí

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