Diana Scrivener (Great Britain)

Historical dance

Choreographer, teacher & historian, Diana Scrivener FCCM FGMS LRAD was trained at the Bush Davies Ballet School and the Royal Academy of Dance in London, graduating with a Licentiate Diploma. At college she studied extensively with the late Belinda Quirey MBE, a leading authority on dance history. She is now a specialist in the choreography and interpretation of early dance forms. She works in theatre and film as well as in education and training. She has created dance scenes for directors such as Martin Scorsese (Hugo), Ridley Scott (Robin Hood), Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows). She has worked on the last two series of Downton Abbey and is currently working on the 4th series. She is internationally renowned for conducting workshops specializing in the history of western dancing.


O třídě:

Course for advanced dancers - 15th century Italian Renaissance Dancing. Dances will include those by the dancing masters Domenico and Guglielmo. Dances of the slow Bassa Danza rhythm as well as the faster Ballo will be taught. In addition, Diana will offer a variety of dances particularly associated with England, as she understands she will be the first teacher to teach at the festival from that country.

Suggested clothes: comfortable and suitable clothing for the classes - no jeans or tight trousers, and suitable footwear with no heels on their shoes.

Maximal number of students: 16

Teaching language: English

aktivní účastníci / active participants

  1. Kamila Bleierová
  2. Věra Chmelová
  3. Kamila Dürichová
  4. Milena Gabrielová
  5. Jindřiška Havlicová
  6. Irena Navrkalová
  7. Vladislava Novotná
  8. Lenka Sárová
  9. Dagmar Panošová
  10. Dana Mareková
  11. Jan Patík
  12. Adéla Jelínková
  13. Martina Saláková
  14. Jakub Částka
  15. Lucie Lejčková
  16. Světla Jaklová
  17. Alena Chaloupková
  18. Ivan Kolenčiak
  19. Vladimír Kočí

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