Jiří Kotouč (Czech Republic)

Solo Singing

graduated in (singing, percussions, period instruments, conducting) at the Prague Conservatory from the classes of L. Vachulka, A. Pek, J. Horák, J. Obenberger and others. He continued his studies of singing with R. Židová, pupil of Fernando Carpi. R. Muti and M. Panni gave him tutorials in conducting. In 1973 he completed a long-term seminar of early music in Brugges. Already during his studies, in 1963 he founded Camerata nova and, in 1966 a chamber ensemble Collegium flauto dolce. With these ensembles he was performing in Europe, America and Australia. He was playing harpsichord with the Prague Chamber Orchestra Without Conductor, Prague Madrigalists, Virtuosi di Praga, Opera Mozart, etc. In the 80th he had conducted mainly baroque operas by G.B.Pegolesi, C.Monteverdi, G.B.Bononcini, A.Vivaldi and G.F.Händel. He also dedicates much of his interest to the sacred music.

He has been teaching singing at Valtice Summer School for many years and for several years he also had been its artistic director.

Presently he is teaching at the Prague Conservatoire. His alumni are successful at many opera houses both in CR and abroad. He is the artistic director of the Opera Mozart Prague that is performing Mozart operas in the Prague Estate Theatre. For the Italian label Nuova Era he recorded “Amore, Venere, Tersicore”, for the Czech Rotag “Music from the Prague Loreto” and “The Ancient Music Amusements”; there are also some live recordings of the baroque operas. In April 2009 he performed the oratorio Samson on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Friedrich Händel.

About the class:

Students should prepare no less than four compositions (at least two of them by heart). Repertoire: all genres of the 17th and 18th century vocal music. During the classes we will deal with topics like phrasing, ornamentation, cadences, pronunciation, style differences, eventually technical problems.

Maximal number of students: 10

Teaching languages: Czech, German, Italian, English

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