Robert Hugo (Czech Republic)

Choral Singing

Graduated from the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague, and also from the Department of Music Theory of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he also studied organ with Milan Šlechta. In the 1992-1993 season he worked as a conductor for the National Theatre in Brno. In 1992 he founded his own ensemble, Capella Regia Praha. As a musician, conductor and music theoretician he specialises in Czech and South German Baroque music; he gave a number of modern premieres. In 1998 he recorded, for Deutsche Gramophon, the Czech Christmas Mass by the popular Czech Classical composer Jakub Jan Ryba, staring Magdalena Kožená. Robert Hugo teaches at the Hochschule für Kirchenmusik in Görlitz (Germany) and at the Academy of Early Music, department of the Masaryk University in Brno. Currently, he is appointed organist of the Church of the Holy Saviour in Prague, Old Town.

About the class: Organ

Two excellent instruments by the Viennese Baroque organ builders Johann Hencke and Franz Lothar Walter will be used for teaching. Due to their large choice of stops and excellent acoustic properties, both instruments are ideally suited for the interpretation of South German, Bohemian and Italian organ repertoire (Frescobaldi, Froberger, Kerll, Muffat, Poglietti, Eberlin, Fischer, Vaňhal, Seger and others). They are also suitable for mid-German and Saxon organ music without pedal (J. S. Bach, Pachelbel, Walther and others).

This year, the teaching will focus on Bohemian Baroque organ fugues. Suggested repertoire: J. N. Seger, C. F. Pitsch - Museum für Orgelspieler, F. X. Brixi, J. K. Vaňhal and others.

Parrisch Church(Johann Hencke, cca r.1750)

HW (, CDE – d3,
lomená oktáva);
Positiv (, CDE – d3,
lomená oktáva)
Principal 8 Copel 8
Salicional 8 Principal 4
Coppel 8 Fletten 4
Octav 4 Octav 2
Spitz Fletten 4 Quinta 1 1/3
Fletten gedact 4  
Super Octav 2  
Sedecima 1  
Pedal (C – a, krátká oktáva - 18 kláves, 12 tónů)
Contrabass 16
Subbas 16
Octavbass 8
Quintbass 6
Octavbass 4

Castle Chapel (Franz Lothar Walther, 1729)

Man (CDE – c3, lomená oktáva)
Copula 8
Principal 4
Flauto 4
Octava 2
Quinta 1 1/3
Mixtura 1´ 3x

Ped. (CDE – e0)
Subbas 16
Octavbass 8

Teaching languages: Czech, German, English

About the class: Choral Singing

From Venice to Mikulov

Claudio Monteverdi - Dixit Dominus a 8 (1640 Selva morale e spirituale)

Adam Michna - Loretánské litanie

Claudio Cocchi - Magnificat

Varhany / Organ

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Vokální ansámbly a sbory / Vocal Ensembles and Choirs

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