Jiří Hodina (Czech Republic)

Gregorian Chant

Active musician with broad interests, covering wide span from early to folkloric music. Graduated in solo singing from the Prague Conservatoire, and in conducting of Gregorian chant from the Conservatoire de Paris. He is teaching Gregorian chant systematically, apart from Valtice also at the Convivium Summer School, as well as other courses. For fifteen years, he was member of the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis ensemble, of which he is a co-founder. As a singer and violinist he co-founded the ensemble Českomoravská hudební společnost (today Čechomor); in 1997 he founded his own ensemble, Marcipán, performing Czech and Moravian folk songs. Ten years after its foundation, its members split; Marcipán was replaced by Mantaban – a workshop open to everybody interested in the living folkloric song traditions.

About the class: 

Liturgical ping-pong, or: Psalm singing to praise the Lord. A simple means of making the whole community to sing, without any complicated voice training. Psalm texts are used throughout the whole spectrum of the Gregorain chant. Through their texts, let us get to their core and with it to the inner dynamics and movement of the Gregorain chant.

Maximal number of students: unlimited

Teaching languages: Czech, French

aktivní účastníci / active participants

  1. David Sobol
  2. Pavla Tichá
  3. Olga Tausingerová (pasivní)
  4. Helena Hornychová
  5. Lenka Bartlová
  6. Jana Adámková
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