Kateřina Doležalová (Czech Republic)

Historical Dance

Since her childhood she has been dedicated to the expressive dance; from 2000 on, especially to the historical dance. She is a member of Corea Historica (artistic leader E.Krőschlová). Also her scientific activities on the Charles University are focused on the period dancing. She completed a number of courses in CR and abroad (led by Barbara Sparti, Lievena Baerta, Gloria Giordano, Françoise Denieau, Bruny Gondoni and others). She works a dance teacher at ZUŠ (Public Art School) in Prague and is a founder of the Czech branch of the Italian society for period dance La Societả di Danza. From 2007 she has been teaching at the ISSEM in Valtice.

About the class:

Baroque dance for beginner.

We will study French baroque dance as danced at the courts of the 17th and 18th century nobility. We will „taste“ easier forms of theatrical dance, such as bourrée or rigaudon, as well as social dances using more complicated steps which have been recorded in the dance manuals by A. Lorin or R.-A. Feuillet.

What to wear:

Everybody should bring soft dancing shoes and comfortable clothes (T-shirts, trousers, jogging trousers, leggings, the ladies also long full skirts, as well). At the concluding performance, a Baroque costume, or a token costume in the period style should be worn (gentlemen: breeches, broad-sleeved shirts, waistcoats, semi-high thick heel shoes; ladies: broad-sleeved shirts, long full skirts). Bring with you also things which could be lent to the other dancers, please.

Maximum number of students 20.

Teaching languages: Czech, Italian, English

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