František Dofek (Czech Republic)

Historical dance

Graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Masaryk University, Brno, where he studied Czech language and history, and from the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, Brno (dance teaching). From 1971-1994, he was a member of the Brno National Theatre Ballet; at present, he is teaching at the Brno Dance Conservatoire (classical and historical dance, flamenco) and lecturing at the Voice and Opera Staging Department of the Music Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (movement, choreography, dance and ballet history). He studied historical dance with Czech and foreign specialists – Helena Kazárová (CZ), Marc Leclerq (F), Dorothée Wortelboer (NL), Philippa Waite (GB), Béatrice Massin (F), Cecilie Grácio Moura (F), Anne-Marie Gardette (F), Ken Pierce (USA), Bruna Gondoni (I), François Denieau (F) and Bérengère Bodenan (F). For his baroque dance studies, he was affiliated to the Consort de Danse Baroque, Cardiff, Great Britain (2006) and the Académie de Sablé, France (2008). He designed the Baroque choreography for the Brno National Theatre “Dance from Louis XIV times to break dance“ performance (2008).

About the class:

Baroque dance for advanced dancers We shall learn the technique of the French "la belle danse", danced at the Louis XIV court. A class for advanced dancers with knowledge of the Baroque dance techniques, as well as for advanced dancers with knowledge of the other dance techniques - ballet, folkloric dance, etc. The aim will be for improvement of the "équilibre" of the dancer's body, a must for everybody who wants to perform "la belle danse". We will also train the techniques of "plié and élevé", and the arms positions (the Baroque "port de bras"). We will create small-scale Baroque dance compositions, and reconstruct one of the original Baroque choreographies, written-down in the Feuillet notation What to wear: everybody should bring comfortable clothes (T-shirts, trousers, leggings, etc.) and soft dancing shoes. During the class-work, ladies should not wear skirts, but trousers. At the concluding performance, a Baroque costume, or a token costume in the period style should be worn. Some ladies can put on male costumes (breeches, broad-sleeved shirts, waistcoats, semi-high thick heel shoes). Bring with you also things which could be lent to the other dancers, please.

Maximum number of students: 20

Teaching languages: Czech, English


aktivní účastníci / active participants

  1. Irena Suldovská
  2. Klára Suldovská
  3. Zdeněk Pospíšil
  4. Zdeněk Linka
  5. Radim Dudek
  6. Františka Dudková-Párysová
  7. Markéta Hugová
  8. Terézia Tomašovičová
  9. Julie Párysová
  10. Veronika Rozhonová
  11. Gianmarco Armellin
  12. Irena Veselá
  13. Štěpánka Skalická
  14. Jasmína Houfová
  15. Barbora Zemanová
  16. Martina Pavlasová
  17. Alexandra Schmidt
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