Martina Bernášková (Slovakia)

Baroque Flute

Already during her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia (1988-1993), Martina Bernášková dedicated herself intensively to the early music interpretation. She was a permanent member of the chamber ensemble Musica Aeterna, lead by the Baroque violinist Peter Zajíček, and attended masterclasses in Vienna and Ambronay (France). From 1995, she studied Baroque flute at the Conservatoire Superieur de Musique de Paris (CNSM), from which she graduated in 1997 ("premiere prix"). Today, she appears at concerts, and also teaches. She co-operates with numerous early music ensembles, such as Solamente Naturali, Collegium Marianum, Ensemble Inegal, Exxencial Bach, Capella Savaria, and others.

O třídě:

Suggested repertoire:

Hotteterre’s tutor “Principes de la flûte traversière...”, suitable for beginners as well as advanced players.

Also recommended: works for one or more flutes by other French composers, such as Boismortier, Blavet, Leclair, etc.

Ideal instrument: Baroque flute, pitch 415 Hz. Also possible: Baroque flutes, pitch 440 or 430 Hz. The tutor has no instrument to lend.

Maximal number of students: 7

Teaching language: Slovak, English, French

aktivní účastníci / active participants

  1. Veronika Šanderová
  2. Anna Špelinová
  3. Irena Ošťádalová
  4. Pavla Sungová
  5. Tamar Melzer
  6. Francisco Torreira
  7. Ondřej Vaníček

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