Jiří Sycha
Baroque violin

Jiří Sycha studied violin playing, composing and conducting at the Church Conservatoire in Kroměříž. In 2003 he won the Yama Bursary Competition. Later he graduated with excellent results from the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen (Germany), where he studied baroque violin playing with Anton Steck. He plays Baroque violin and viola. As a solo and chamber musician or leader, he co-worked regularly with the ensembles Instrumenta musica, Musica Florea, Collegium 1704, Musica figuralis, or Hipocondria ensemble (…)


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About The Class

The class welcomes also viola players!

Pitch: 415 and 440 Hz (430 Hz, if necessary). Who does not possess a period instrument, could play a modern instrument. It would be, however, good, to bring at least a period bow.

Suggested Repertoire

any repertoire for violin or viola from 1610 – 1810

Level Of Skills Required

high (students of music academies and conservatories, exceptionally other students of music)

Maximum number of students


Teaching Languages

Czech, English, German