The fundamental concept of the Florea Theatrum project is a transportable wooden stage based on the unique construction technologies of the high Baroque. Visually it is based on the aesthetically-powerful effect of deep perspective, achieved by an ingenious combination of backdrops, wings, and soffits. The wealth of varied decorations, historical painting techniques, original lighting methods using a combination of candlelight and mirror systems – all of these authentically evoke the poetics of stage architecture in historical theatres. The model for this project has been stage construction and machinery preserved through several centuries, in some cases with renovations faithful to historical parameters, in Český Krumlov, Litomyšl, and the Swedish royal palace at Drottningholm.

The stage can be adapted for existing theatres, relatively large halls, and also, with simple roofing, for outdoor venues. Thus even in non-historical surroundings it allows fully-authentic productions of Baroque and Classical operas, melodramas, ballets, school plays, and spoken plays along the lines of commedia dellarte. It is also open to new alternative stage projects.

In a suitable building, this theatrical structure can serve as a museum exhibition in connection with other programmes such as concerts or lectures pertaining to history and to arts and crafts (painting, sculpture, theatrical architecture, scenography, working with perspective, etc.).

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