The time has come! This year in July, we will get together for the thirtieth time to enjoy the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice. How grateful should we be for this wonderful anniversary! Who would have thought back in 1989 that these courses would still be so popular thirty years later… Preparing each new year is always a bit of a lottery with all its challenges and uncertainties, but every single participant’s application increases chances that we are going to meet again and the summer school will continue to exist. Thank you!

We would like to celebrate the jubilee by inviting not only a number of your favourite teachers who have been part of the summer school for a long time, but also new inspiring personalities who will bring in new energies and new ideas. Besides, we will gladly welcome guests who are witnesses to the “old times”, for example Catherine Mackintosh or Jiří Kotouč who will celebrate, reminiscence and lecture for us. New acquisitions to the teachers’ team include Shalev Ad-el, cornettist Gustavo Gabriel Gargiulo or bassoonist Alessandro Nasello. After a pause, Hammerklavier class taught by Petra Matějová has been revived. There are some surprising novelties such as a drama class for teenagers that will be led by Roman Černík or a children’s brass band conducted by Michal Bobák. The nice tradition of a joint venture in the form of a concluding performance shall be kept again, this time with the theme of “War and Peace”. Several classes will join forces there, namely the dancing classes, the Baroque orchestra led by Petr Zejfart, the choir conducted by Marek Štryncl and, of course, the acting class led this year by the wonderful Anne-Guersande Ledoux. As the choir rehearsals will only take place in the mornings, we would like to encourage those who want to sing in the afternoons to take advantage of Jürgen Banholzer’s vocal ensemble class. So do not hesitate with your applications, there is a lot to choose from!

Besides the traditional teacher’s concerts, this year’s offer of evening performances will be enriched by concerts of the Collegium Marianum and Societas Incognitorum ensembles, the latter being dedicated to the founder of the Valtice summer courses Miroslav Venhoda. Within the 4th year of Valtice Baroque Night, you will be able to enjoy the Solamente naturali orchestra, Schola Gregoriana Pragensis under the leadership of David Eben (who will also lead a Gregorian Chant class) as well as the Chorea Historica dance ensemble.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Valtice!


Marek Štryncl

Artistic director