The application form can be filled in HERE (state the food choice, class and type of course price, please).

The application form for kids aged below 15 must be printed and signed by one of parents. Then, please send a scan by e-mail or the original print by post to EMS address.


Applications cancelled before 14. 6. 2018

20 €

Applications cancelled before 26. 6. 2018

40 €

Applications cancelled before 1. 7. 2018

50% of total price

As for the applications cancelled after 1. 7. 2018, the cancellation fee is the total price.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel single classes or the whole project in case of lack of interest. In such a case, registered participants will be informed about it without any delay.

The tutors reserve the right not to accept a student in case that he or she doesn’t meet the level of skills required.