Music for the concluding concert and ballet performance of Henry Purcell’s opera Dioclesian is available on this web page. The soloists, who would like to take part in the performance, can choose from a number of solo arias, or ensembles (duets, trios, etc.). You could use this music not only for the performance – take it also to your classes, your tutors are ready to work on it with you.

Soprano solo is available HERE

Alto solo is available HERE 

Tenor solo is available HERE 

Bass solo is available HERE

The choral class music (M. Štryncl) is available either as choral parts HERE, or as a score HERE

Anybody interested to see the whole score can have a look at it HERE (Purcell – Dioclesian, Masque – whole score).

Singing by heart is not required – anybody who would like to try it, is indeed, welcome. There will be more time to work on gestures and stage movement. The soloists should let us know in advance what they would like to sing. According to that, we will be able to decide, what music suits to whom, and get everything ready. Do not be afraid, choose what you like, and write to us