Valtice Baroque Night: Experience baroque through all the senses

For one night, the most beautiful places at the Valtice castle will come alive together with the commedia dell’arte characters who shall be the visitors’ guides to the baroque experience. At one moment, music, singing and dance will enter the premises of the Winter riding hall, the baroque theatre and the chapel. Actors are going to turn the otherwise quiet night courtyard into street theatre full of wit. You will not miss a single event – the night will be introduced by music from Slovak archives, an experienced dance teacher will teach you some baroque dances, you will rest in the chapel to let your soul be enriched by Gregorian chant and admire the remarkable perspective of the baroque theatre made alive by dancers. At the end everybody will gather in the courtyard where refreshments of style will be sold and local wine producers will offer you their best wines. The whole night will culminate in a spectacle of baroque fireworks.

The Valtice Baroque Night is conceived as a full-length night programme and its respective parts are composed into a self-contained whole. The event starts at 7 p.m. by a concert. Participants will get the opportunity to see all the parts of the programme; periods for rest and refreshments are included. Please note that audience cannot be admitted to the programme after 7 p.m.