Tribute to M. Venhoda

Societas Incognitorum

Tribute to the Founder

Music of Moravian Church Choirs of the 16th and 17th century



The programme of this concert is dedicated to the founder of the Prague Madrigalists and outstanding choirmaster Miroslav Venhoda (1915—1987). With this ensemble, who were at the time enjoying worldwide fame, he focused on the repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, often in relation to the Czech and Moravian Lands. Together with the ensemble, he presented a number of modern-day premieres, reviving many music gems that would have otherwise fallen into oblivion. One of such gems that Venhoda paid systematic attention to was the music collection of the castle in Kroměříž, and it is music from the castle archives that the dramaturgy of this concert presents. Thanks to the effort of Pavel Josef Vejvanovský (1639—1693) who was in the services of Bishop Karl Liechtenstein – Castelcorno (1624—1695) and took good care of the musical collection, there are surviving copies of compositions written by kapellmeisters of the Imperial Court Choir at Vienna.


Giovanni Valentini (1582/3 – 1649): Litaniae super 4 battudas    

Andreas Hoffer (1629 – 1684): Responsoriae Pro Matutino: I. Sicut ovis – II. Jerusalem, surge – III. Plange quasi Virgo

Jacobus Handl Gallus (1550 – 1591): Ecce quomodo moritur iustus

Giovanni Battista Alovisi (1600 – 1665): O Domine Iesu Christe

Giovanni Felice Sances (cca 1600 – 1679): Nisi Dominus

Hans Leo Hassler (1564 – 1612): Alleluja

Giovanni de Macque (cca 1550 – 1614): Consonanze stravaganti  

Adam Václav Michna (1600 – 1676): Mariánské larmo – Mariánská kající hrdlička – Oheň Svatodušní    

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525 – 1594): O vera sempiterna     

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský (1639 – 1693): Litaniae B: V: M: Breves simplices  

Giovanni Felice Sances (cca 1600 – 1679): Sub tuum praesidium     




Kateřina Šujanová – soprano
Yvetta Fendrichová – soprano
Ondřej Múčka – alto
Eduard Tomaštík – tenor, artistic director
Martin Šujan – bass

Vít Nermut – violin, viola
Veronika Svačinová – viola
Dalibor Pimek – cello
Marek Čermák – positive organ


Societas Incognitorum


Due to the capacity od the Valtice church the tickets are valid both for seating and standing places.