O Ciecho Mondo!

La Morra

O Ciecho Mondo!

Late Medieval Music About Love, Politics And Salvation  



The courts of late medieval Europe have seen erotic passion intermingle with political intrigue on a daily basis. Musicians found themselves having to put their art in service of their patrons, whose image and status was thus additionally strengthened and confirmed. Since they had access to the private sphere of the rulers, musicians occasionally became entangled in plots and even espionage (for Hermann Poll, the alleged inventor of the harpsichord, this ended really badly). Amidst the game, they sung the praise of their lords, deplored the unrequited love and betrayal, but also expressed hope for their own salvation. Centuries later, LA MORRA makes their voices audible again.


Guillaume de Machaut

Antonello Marot da Caserta

Antonio Zacara da Teramo

Paolo da Firenze

Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz

Mikolaj Radomski

Johannes Ciconia





Corina Marti

Michal Gondko

Doron Schleifer

Ivo Haun de Oliveira

Natalie Carducci




Corina Marti & Michal Gondko