Musica Florea & Petra Matějová

“EROICA” – the (un)forgettable fortepiano sound


J. Tomášek: Piano Quartett op. 22 (modern times premiere), L. van Beethoven: Symhony no. 3  – EROICA (period piano quartett arrangement by Ferdinand Ries)


Petra Matějová – fortepiano

soubor Musica Florea
Eleonora Machová – violin
Lýdie Cillerová – viola
Marek Štryncl – cello

This modern times premiere chamber concert will present the brilliant piano player Petra Matějová and her fortepiano – an instrument always ready to replace the whole symphonic orchestra. Already during L. v. Beethoven’s life, several hundred chamber arrangements of his famous symphonies were produced. Some of them excellent (such as thixs by Ferdinand Ries). The programme will include Beethoven’s younger Bohemian contemporary, V. J. Tomášek, whose Piano quartet will be given here its modern times premiere.